An abstract

on mind and minimalism.

Over the past years studying graphic design and photography, I have found that one of my favorite styles has been the minimalist style. While there are very specific differences between the mediums of graphic design and photography, I find that minimalism carries reputable name. Not only in the arts, but also in philosophy, lifestyle, and spirituality.

The purpose of this research is to identify how the minimalist style in communication might or might not promote a healthy, solidified lifestyle. Through studying the lives of self-proclaimed minimalists, it is my desire to see how minimalism might enhance life. Obviously, societies have always had an investment in the conversation of healthy living. Humans desire to progress and endure.

For a point of reference, minimalist style is often rightly characterized best in the phrase “less is more.” This style can be carried out in all facets of communication, but is predominately in the visual aspects. The use of white space, undistracted layouts, and text manipulation are all examples of key techniques used in minimalist style.

This research will identify the variety of components that are intrinsic to minimalist style and will attempt to abstract those concepts to the study of healthy living. As a representation to this abstraction, a visual artifact will be created from the research to clearly show this potential connection. The correlation between two seemingly different subjects, such as communication and health, happens more often than one would typically expect. Knowing the correlation is beneficial for people because it builds interdisciplinary knowledge as well as a general understanding of the connectivity of the cosmos.

As an artist, I desire to share my experiences with those around me through various mediums. Whether it be through pen and ink, watercolor, pottery, graphic design, or photography, I believe that there is often a seamless path between the mediums. Of which, convey a sense of my life, and the happenings therein. By no means can I argue that art can exactly be replicated to someones life, I do believe that it can be used to describe, inform, and develop one's understanding of their own life in terms of the artist. By exploring my recent discoveries of minimalism in communication, I hope one might be able to see for themselves the potential nature of minimalism to affect their own life.

A story of mind and minimalism.